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About Us


Bovanti Cosmetics is the Ultimate Beauty & Fashion Experience for today’s active woman. The company is a family owned business headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia for over 33 years.  Bovanti’s mission is to empower women with beauty, confidence and educational workshops, seminars, makeup classes, and beauty tours.  The Bovanti Cosmetics Empire has established the brand as one of the world’s leading cosmetics companies for every woman.


Bovanti Cosmetics is a diverse cosmetics company with a stellar Beauty Star Team.  The company was founded by Michael & Anita Bohannon, who are both visionaries and results driven entrepreneurs. Together with their two Beauty Mogul daughters Marquis and Marquel Bohannon, bring a wealth of knowledge, leadership and talents to the team. The family has joined forces to take the brand to the next level.


Bovanti Cosmetics has a chain of freestanding retail outlets located in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Greensboro, North Carolina.  Bovanti Cosmetics has transformational beauty fixes with innovative direction for their client base.  You can always find your favorite makeup products, tips, and tricks at a Bovanti Retail Store.  Bovanti is continually launching new products, campaigns, and promotions to keep their customers informed.


Our Best Sellers are: Medical Grade Concealer, Wet/Dry Powder Foundation, Vitamin C Skin Care System, Hydrating Skin Care System, Liquid Lipsticks, Perfect Brow Kit, & many more!


Bovanti’s commitment to high-quality cosmetics has enabled the brand to have broad and global appeal.  Our mission is to provide women with the “Ultimate Beauty Experience:” Bovanti capture’s the attention and loyalty of millions of women around the world.  Today, women of all ages, incomes and ethnicities enjoy the exciting and colorful line making women feel and look beautiful!


Bovanti continues to be the leading brand of value priced cosmetics and has positioned itself as the Fashion & Beauty leader across the globe.


Bovanti offers:

  • Skincare                                             Brow Extensions
  • Cosmetics                                           3D Brow Strokes (Microblading Tattoo Brows)
  • Bath & Body                                       Lash Lifts
  • Brow Arching                                     Makeup Classes
  • Brow Enhancements                        Women’s Conferences
  • Lash Extensions                                Instructional Makeup DVD’s
Bovanti Family